Blogging About Insurance

October 14, 2015

Hi all! My name is Lindsey and I am an insurance agent at Pinnacle Insurance Agency in Scottsdale, Arizona. Pinnacle Insurance has been in business since 2000 and I have been working here since 2010. We tend to get a lot of the same questions and decided that a blog may be the best way to address those familiar questions. I already have a lot of ideas which cover multiple different insurance topics, but feel free to comment or message us if you have a specific question you would like me to answer! We plan to post something every Wednesday, so keep an eye out for new posts!

It is our goal and desire to inform the everyday consumer. Almost everyone is required to have insurance of some sort, but just because it’s required doesn’t mean that it’s understood. Unfortunately, when you don’t understand insurance you may not be properly covered when you need to use it. All insurance policies are different, so what we write in this blog is not absolute. We are writing about the known principles and ideas of insurance. Ultimately, please contact your insurance agent if you are unsure of your coverages.