I’m driving to Mexico for a weekend getaway. Do I need any additional coverage?

June 29, 2016

Heading to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, or Rocky Point as it is known to us Arizonans, can be a fun weekend getaway. It’s easy to drive across the border and be at the beach in no time. If you’ve ever driven your car into Mexico, hopefully you have asked yourself if your vehicle has coverage.

On some Arizona auto insurance policies there is “Mexico Coverage” but it can have many limitations. There may only be a certain amount of miles into Mexico that you have coverage, and even then the coverage may be minimal. Ultimately, it is best to get a Mexico Insurance Policy. While we at Pinnacle Insurance Agency do not sell Mexico Auto Insurance, these policies are sold by many convenience stores on the way to Mexico, or you can buy them online in advance. Either way, the policy premium is based off of the value of your car and the amount of time you will be in Mexico. For an average vehicle ($15000) for a weekend (Friday at 4:00 pm to Sunday at 4:00 pm) should be around $50. The more expensive your vehicle, the more the policy is going to cost.

So if you’re going to Mexico, make sure you get Mexico Insurance for your vehicle. Always keep the policy documents, as well as the title to your vehicle, in your possession. If you do have an accident or other issue, make sure you get a police report in Mexico. Also, never leave anything of value inside the vehicle. Other than that, please use common sense and enjoy the beach!

Disclaimer: Not all insurance policies are the same. Coverages and exclusions may vary and all statements made here are based of off a normal auto policy. Please always follow the law.